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Every couple has ​a Love Story! Every Love Story is unique in its own way and is the basis for a poem that Rev. Taylor composes and reads during the ceremony. Each poem is an Original.

Details of their "Love Story" are acquired during the interview which begins by a few simple questions such as: "Where were you born?" and "When did you meet?", etc. and then each couple shares the way their "Love Story" evolved, up to and including the Proposal.


The unique poem that is developed and read during the ceremony is one of the distinctive aspects of a Taylormade Weddings, and is Always loved by everyone in attendance.

Beautiful copies, suitable for framing, are presented to the couple at the conclusion of the ceremony, along with a CD of an original love song composed and professionally recorded. by Rev. Taylor




She was born Atlanta

Kennesaw born was he

Met in Hiram 2010

in freshman Biology

But when they were seniors

at a friend’s house one night

He tricked her into a smooch

on his cheek and then kissed right

Their first official date

was March 3rd of 2014

Arrived in his black Dodge Ram

and took her for Moe’s cuisine

Since then they’ve been together

learning more about

Their unique ways and background

of which they now tout

He likes that she is beautiful

nurturing and kind

And very much like his Mimi

for him a precious find

She likes that he is handsome

kind hearted and he’s funny

She likes the way he treats her

and his mood is always sunny

Proposed November 27th

2019 with his family

At beautiful Barnsley Gardens

in front of the Christmas tree

As all posed for a picture

he dropped to his right knee

Black leather ring box open

he asked, “Please marry me?”

Hands to her face in surprise

she answered him with “Yes”

As her tears began to flow

he slid the ring with tenderness

She then admired the ring

with Mimi’s diamond on display

So happy with his choice

what a glorious day

So here they vow today

before the ones they love

At scenic Tatum Acres

with blessings from above

Then later they will honeymoon

in Dominican Republican beauty

Come back to Fergie & Loki

and open their wedding booty