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Every couple has a Love Story! Every Love Story is unique in its own way and is the basis for a poem that Rev. Taylor composes and reads during the ceremony. Each poem is an Original.

Details of their "Love Story" are acquired during the interview which begins by a few simple questions such as: "Where were you born?" and "When did you meet?", etc. and then each couple shares the way their "Love Story" evolved, up to and including the Proposal.


The unique poem that is developed and read during the ceremony is one of the distinctive aspects of a Taylormade Weddings, and is Always loved by everyone in attendance.

Beautiful copies, suitable for framing, are presented to the couple at the conclusion of the ceremony, along with a CD of an original love song composed and professionally recorded. by Rev. Taylor



September 26, 2014

He was born in Cincinnati

she was born in Naches

Met July of 2012finding later they were “matches”

He was Operations Manager

at Urban Active Fitness

She’d come in after being away

and he was there to witness

He said, “Hey, where have you been?”he had called but found no answer

She had changed her contact numberand on Face Book he tried to chance her

However, she didn’t get his message

so updated him with her cell

Then later texted back and forthwhich turned out 

really well

Their first date was August 6

after they worked out at the gym

In her black Nissan Altima

“Fresh To Order” she drove them

They stayed until they closed the doorsover two 

hours and a half

Drove back to where he was parkedboth wanting 

the evening to last

He asked, “When can I see you again?”which she thought was quite groovyTheir first kiss was later at his placewatching American Pie the movie

Since that time they’ve been togethermany movies 

and times well spent

Glad that to “Urban Active Gym”

that each of them had went

He likes that she is beautiful

and has thought so from the start

She likes that he is handsome

and like her speaks from the heart

Proposed on February 6

in a very creative way

Which started with him texting hersuggesting a 

game to play

First, he said, go to the gymwhere you’ll find envelope #1She actually knew what he was doing

and played along for fun

Inside the envelope was a card

saying “This is where we met”

“See the manager at ‘Fresh To Order’

who will show you what comes next”

There the manager handed her

two envelopes to open

The first said here was their first date

which had really left him “hopin’”

The other envelope instructed her

to go to Piedmont Park

Where they had shared their first picnicby now 

getting close to dark

There she’d find upon his Jeep

under the wiper blade clue 4

With a map to guide her where

he was waiting and much more

For there he stood upon the dock

lit candles upon a quilt

A picture of them, two glasses besideand wine as 

smooth as silk

Arriving she said, “What’s all this?”

he said, “To dine with me”

“And ask an important question

Would you please marry me?”

So as he poised on his right kneea gorgeous ring 

there on display

“Yes, of course”, she answered him

in a heartfelt loving way

And still while he was on his knee

they hugged then he stood up

She said, “You’re now to place the ring”

with a smile that he’d stirred up

And so he did, they hugged once moreas their good 

friend photographedCapturing on film for them

a moment that will last

So here atop the Peachtree Club0n Atlanta’s great 


They vow and pledge to one anotherin words that 

are sublime

With family and friends to cheera sunset blue with shades of FuchsiaThey’ll both have fun at their receptionand then honeymoon on St. Lucia